The company Frutas Naturales S.A. is established by Francisco Marín Hernandez and Encarna Canovas Ruiz, with the aim of creating strong links between our producers and customers with the idea of guaranteeing the service and quality in both directions, 365 days a year .


The production area is expanded, with the import of fruit from Chile, Uruguay and Argentina, being pioneers establishing relations with these countries.


10th anniversary and creation of BICI distribution S.A. The pack house in San Pedro del Pinatar begins to work, to increase supply offer to our customers with vegetable and melon.


Frutas Naturales S.A. reaches agreement with producers in Jujuy (Argentina) to produce and export citrus to Europe with the brand BICI .


After the death of the founder in 2005, a generation shift is produced, specializing in citrus.


Frutas Naturales S.A. begins to work in their new facilities based in Torreagüera, investing in latest the technology for sizing and detection of possible defects in the fruit with two calibration lines Sunkist.