In 2015 Frutas Naturales S.A. moves to new premises, with the intention to give a better service to our customers, by offering the latest technology in the market in order to expand to new markets.

One of the biggest investments made has been in machinery and mainly the two Sunkist calibrators, first ones in the market with 6 cameras each, 4 cameras to calibrate color and size, and 2 more cameras with laser technology to detect translucent waste.

The new facilities will help us offer to our customers the following lines:

  • Limón Treaty or conventional.
  • Limón Untreated Post - harvest
  • Limón Treated with wax
  • Limón Treated without wax
  • Organic -Limón

Frutas Naturales S.A. is certified under:

  • BRC
  • IFS
  • QS

Inside Bici

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