Bici Frutas Naturales

Frutas Naturales S.A, is a family owned company based in Murcia, which main brand in BICI. The company was established in 1980 by Francisco Marín Hernández and Encarna Cánovas Ruiz, with the hope and spirit to achieve that their clients had a lemon according to their demands and that the growers that collaborates with them saw compensated the effort done on the lemon production. In order to give a continuous supply all year round to their clients, since 1990 the company imports lemon from the south hemisphere when the lemon production from Spain is not sufficient, as it happens in the summer period.

Currently, the company has carried out and important process of modernization in their new Facilities, which has invested in the latest technology for sizing and detection of possible defects on the fruit, all to continue to ensure that all the requirements, requirements that are higher season after season, are covered; also to contribute to the increase of the numbers on production and lemon exportation.